Quartix Vehicle Tracking APK

Quartix Vehicle Tracking


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الاسمQuartix APK
الإصدار3.3.0 (29)
تم التحديث20 مايو 2021
مطوّر البرامجQuartix
عمليات التثبيت١٠٬٠٠٠+
الفئةتطبيقات, أعمال

تطبيق Quartix Vehicle Tracking

Quartix الوقت الحقيقي تتبع المركبات، على هذه الخطوة

This app allows mobile users of the Quartix vehicle tracking system to view their vehicles in real time while on the move. The app is free to download, but can only be used by Quartix subscribers. It has three key features;

Vehicle list, to give a summary of all the vehicles to which the user has access, and their present location.

Live tracking, to show the latest location of a chosen vehicle in real time, as well as other vehicles in the area. The vehicle can be selected to be ‘followed’ by the app, and the map screen will automatically be updated.

Trip data, which shows the trips carried out on any day over the previous 6 months.

Driving Style, for Infoplus customers a daily driving style report covering speed and acceleration and braking behaviour.
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