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Steven Save Universe GAME

Steven universe saves the temples -Temples Universe is a funny 2D free game.
Where steven universe saves the Temple from little monsters. In order to achieve this, Steven universe has to RUN, JUMP, and SHOOT Enemies using his SHEILD.
Steven universe Saves the temple is an easy and simple game and free to play

✔The game features:

the player has to :
First The players have to know how to play by himself which make steven universe saves the temples wold a cool game to play.

🏃‍♂️-RUN: run in time, arrived before timeout.
🤸‍♂️-Jump: jump to avoid obstacles and enemies.
🔫-SHOOT: shoot using the shield wich creates a built that can stop the enemies to run.

Steven universe Saves the temple-Temples universe is free to play though there are no items that can be purchased it's totally a free game enjoy steven universe adventure.
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