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Sep 7, 2023
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Traverse planets and fight other players. Rule over countless worlds and become the ruler of time and space!

Arcane Fate is a multi-temporal idle adventure game. The Chaos Serpent has devoured countless planets created by Yggdrasil in the vast universe. You will play the role of the Protector of time and space, fighting against the Chaos Serpent. There are multiple playstyles for you to explore: idle training, AFK leveling, summoning Guardians, researching magic, and more. The sky's the limit!

Game Features
Traverse planets and fight against the Chaos Serpent
From the universe and stars to the bottom of the ocean floor, the game is fully 3D to allow for a wonderfully immersive experience. A visual feast for your eyes!

Use strategy and luck to clear match-3 levels!
Experience a variety of match-3 stages on your journey of conquest. Clear challenges with the help of Guardian skills!

Casual idle playstyle with AFK leveling
Leave your characters alone, and they'll level up on their own. Say goodbye to complex controls, and let the AI do the work. Kick back and enjoy the fun of battles and upgrading!

Customizable characters and explosive battles
An innovative system allows you to embrace unlimited possibilities. Combine physical and magical skills or melee to range attacks, and create your perfect character.

Summon Guardians in your adventures
Discover the mysterious realms and summon Guardians with unique abilities and stories. With powerful Guardian skills, you'll enjoy endless strategic fun.

Collect exotic items and boost character
Each dimension has its own unique item. Owning these items gives you a special ability unique to that dimension. Each item allows you to reshape your character and give them unique abilities.

Multiple skill combinations and unlimited strategic tactics
Dozens of varying skills allow you to craft unique strategies in battles. Fight the Chaos Serpent and monsters, and compete against other players on interdimensional battlefields.
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