Ride an army issued motocross bike in the free dirt bike trials game


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Mar 10, 2015
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Army Bike 3D GAME

Jump onto your trials dirt bike and ride over to the army base. With the base deserted, you have complete free reign over the base in this dirt bike game to perform as many front-flip or back-flip stunts that you can. The base hasn’t been cleaned before it was deserted which leaves you with the perfect obstacle course to ride your motocross bike on.

Ride your motocross bike through the insanely unorganised base to find your way to the other end. In this dirt bike game the army base is complete mayhem, loaded with boards, containers, tank, and various other items of war just waiting for you to ride your motorbike over and conquer.

You’ll be able to perform dangerous and intense front-flips and back-flips whilst jumping at high speeds off the long wooden boards or by riding on the turret of the tank of the anti air guns. Ride your motocross dirt bike up steep unorganised wooden boards and land on the uneven barrels, complete riding mania!

You will be riding your motorbike in a variety of deserted army bases around the world to become the ultimate motocross rider. Whether you’re on a modern everyday arm base, or a battleship or aircraft carrier filled with planes. You must master the mayhem of all of these obstacles in this free motorbike game within the various paths and harsh weather conditions that have been set out for you.

Ride your dirt bike along boats, harsh grounds, broken picnic tables, anti-air guns, tanks, containers, wooden boards, army vehicles and ride all of the way to the finish line in this exciting army trial bike game.

Control your motorbike by using the controls to keep you levelled out and use your throttle and brakes wisely. Take extra caution in this dirt bike game when you’re going over some of the more difficult obstacles with your bike, as, once you crash, you’ll be placed right back to the beginning of the level.

• Realistic motorbike riding.
• Simple and easy to use controls.
• Fun and challenging levels to stunt on.
• 20 epic skill and stunt based levels.
• Conquer army bases
• Intense bike riding.
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