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Nov 5, 2023
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Awaken:Pandora's Box GAME

Game Introduction
"Awaken: Pandora's Box" is a Team RPG game that features a beautiful, young and comic style and was released for the global market. It not only has fantastic stories and big maps based on a grand world view, but also prides itself in its huge space for building creation and skill-matching strategies. Create your own formation with a multitude of heroes and hundreds of hero Skill Cards, and with your creativity you can even turn the tide.

When Prometheus brought fire to mortals, the divine punishment followed. Calamity fell from pandora's box down to mortals' world, bringing it to oblivion in history.
After escaping from the pandora's box, the goddess 【Hope】 witnessed the abuse of humans by gods before finally deciding—
Build a new order.
【Hope】 came to a place as beautiful as a fairyland, where spring never leaves, natural beings displayed their brilliance in the sunshine, and stars flew into the distance across the night sky.
This is Anoida, a Utopia that the old gods can never reach, a new stage that 【Hope】 chosen for her children!
She created the 【Festimentia】 with hair,
【Sanctuarium】 with bracelets,
【Abundat】 with blood,
【Aeternum】 with her nostalgia for the old world,
and 【Heroicus】 with her last reflection of humans.
When her teardrops fell into the abyss, 【Abyssus】 were born,
her heart bred 【Ubique】, the youngest child...
And thus the 【new world】 of the 【Hope】 took shape.

Plots and Conflicts
Goddess of 【Hope】 transformed her last power into three energy stones: the 【Searing Torch】, which provides the energy to make the 【new world】 work.
The children of the goddess stepped onto this new stage as their mother arranged, but the awakening 【Abyssus】 disrupted the peace.
Raged against the bias they received, they tried to take all energy stones away and control their own fate.
Just at the 【Heroicus】' life-and-death moment, 【Godly Tower】 suddenly rose out of the ground!
This mysterious tower has brought new power to the world, but it first blessed you, the future leader of 【Heroicus】.
When the 【New World】 is running out of energy, what will 【Godly Tower】 do for it? How can a race born weak fight against fate in this chaos?
The book of history is ready, and now you can write down your own story!

Game Features:
【The World's First Team RPG Without Stages or Stage-Pushing】
The world's first real-time team RPG without boring stages or stage pushing!
A big-world RPG filled with exploration, challenges, mystery solving and interaction!
A large variety of AFK dungeons, main stories, adventures, strategic dungeons, Boss dungeons and CVG big-map modes!

【Immersive and Enjoyable Stories】
Main stories written down in over one million words!
Experience various modes in exploring the big map!
A vivid depiction of the appearance, inner worlds and social relations of over 100 characters!

【Stunning Comic Style】
Over 100 unique heroes and NPCs!
A new word brought alive with young comic heroes!
A big world displayed with comic features, showing you mysterious scenery including islands, desert, ancient rain forest, deepsea caves and northern snow mountains!

【Fierce Combats with Powerful Hit Feedback】
Fight exciting combats to solve all problems!
Close-up for ultimate skills that sec-kill enemies!
Utilize hero bonds and cool combos to fight against odds!

【Explore A World in Another Dimension Freely】
Travel across unknown islands, desert, ancient rain forest, deepsea caves and northern snow mountains!
Mysterious dungeons, adventures and Boss challenges await!

【Strategy Makes Victory, Match Heroes and Skills Wisely】
Build hero formations wisely to fight powerful enemies!
Embed useful skills to create combos and defeat enemies instantly!
Utilize hero bonds and cool combos to formulate a powerful strategy!

【AFK Freely and Have Fun Easily】
Say no to repetitive stage-pushing and dungeon farming!
Auto-fight, quick skip and raid to loot tons of resources!
AFK freely and enjoy the game easily!
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