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NamePregnancy Idle APK
Version1.7.1 (91)
UpdatedApr 27, 2021
CategoryGames, Simulation

Baby & Mom 3D - Pregnancy Sim game

Create a new "idle" life! Be a mother! Take care of a newborn

The most fun pregnancy games simulator game you’ll ever play! Get ready to take care of a baby – virtually! Take on the role of mommy in this pregnancy and baby simulator game. Play through 9 months of pregnancy and raise a virtual baby!

Let’s look at what’s inside this awesome 3D simulator game:
👶🏼 Idle pregnancy adventure game. Play from conception to birth. Then become a mom to a virtual game baby.
🤰 Take care of a virtual pregnant mom. Tap to make sure she sleeps lots and eats plenty. Do exercise and play too.
👶🏽 Discover pregnancy secrets. How big is a baby at one months’ old in pregnancy? A seed? A peach? Find out in the game!
🤱 Make a new home for mom and baby.
🍼 Watch that simulator baby grow! Play, feed, change, repeat. Follow rules and be an awesome in-game mom.
👶🏾 Give virtual birth in the 3D game to a lovely baby boy or girl.
🚼 Care for the virtual baby. Play mom and make bottles. But, thankfully those stinky diapers are digital too.
🧒 Watch your simulator baby grow and become an awesome little human!
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Take care of a virtual family! Play house, change diapers and more in this awesome virtual mother simulator game.

Time to rock being a mommy in the best pregnancy simulator game around. Let’s play Pregnancy Idle 3D!
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