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May 20, 2017
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Beach Lifeguard Rescue GAME

You are the Lifeguard on duty at Beach. Its up to you to rescue the swimmers and boaters who are having an emergency. Use your binoculars and scan the crowded beach to find out which people need your help. Who's needs help? Those kids having a party on the boat? Or perhaps that lone swimmer in the water? So put on that swim suit, and get to work. Wait, is that a shark? Choose the Jet Ski or racing boat. Be a true seaside hero!

Top App Features:
--Day and Night Missions
--Jetski, Water Rescue Boat, and Swimming Objectives
--Help the Shark attack victims
--Race from the Lifeguard Tower to the Water
--Just like Bay Watch, only you are in control!
--Realistic Tropical Hawaii Beach scene
--High Quality 3D graphics and exciting game play
--A Fun Emergency Rescue Simulator

What are you waiting for? The summer beach goers need your assistance. An ultra fun 3D gaming experience.
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