How many zombie waves can you survive? A simple action shooter game.


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Jan 11, 2024

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BoxHead & Zombies: Devil's War GAME

Play the hit action shooter zombie game. Based on a popular franchise BoxHead vs Zombies, BoxHead & Zombies: Devil's War is a topdown, action shooter zombie game where you shoot, kill, and survive the massive zombie waves. Survive the hordes to unlock new weapons and achieve the highest score!

BoxHead & Zombies: Devil's War is currently an offline game with a single-player mode, but we are looking forward to making it multiplayer so you can play with your friends.

How to play the game:
1. Select a BoxHead character.
2. Select the desired map and click Play!
3. Touch the left joystick for movement.
4. Touch the right joystick for aiming and shooting.
5. Survive the waves and unlock new weapons and upgrades!
6. Use the arrow buttons to switch between weapons.
7. That's it! Get the highest score that you can, and enjoy the immersive experience!

- Pistol
- Uzi
- Shotgun
- Assault
- Grenade

Special weapon:
- Placeable wall
- Explosive Barrel

- Graveyard
- Fortress
- Quads
- Hell Ring

Play smart, here are some tips and tricks:
- Always keep tracking of ammo amount, things can go bad if the ammunition runs out.
- Collect ammo loot boxes whenever you can.
- Use a shotgun to knock enemies back and stop them from blocking your path.
- The Red Devil Zombie can't be knocked back while shooting powerful fireballs!
- The Red Devil Zombie is slower but much stronger than other Zombies!
- Tactically place walls over the map to guide zombies toward the specific path that you wanted them to come from.
- Barricading yourself with walls will protect you, but only for a short period of time, zombies will break walls eventually.

Shoot those zombies!

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