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Jul 21, 2023
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Brawl Knight-Claim 8888 cards GAME

One day, you set foot in the land, and met many partners, the brave charging Paladin, the Wicked Witch with the "sheep" spell, the Moor Witch with deadly poisonous mushrooms, the Sylvan Elf who can inspire morale... They belong to different camps, but they are united because of you. As an adventurer, how will you lead your army, defeat the enemy, save your partner and embark on an unknown adventure?

【Relaxing, Placement and Raising】

As a light-hearted card battle game, it is to refuse to grind! You don't need to be online every day, you can also get a lot of patrol rewards by hanging: diamonds, experience, gold, heroes, you can easily get them with just a touch of your finger every day. Too many heroes, it takes a lot of time to upgrade? With one click, you can grow your entire team! Easily develop your team.

【Multiple professions, Variety of lineups】

Card heroes include Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Support, Control, etc., different professions will occur with different chemical effects, facing powerful bosses, sometimes it is a good choice to change the lineup! There are not only rich hero skills, but also exclusive hero artifacts, so you can easily grind with half the effort!

【Hero Replace, Resource Refund】

What can you do if you don't want to continue cultivating your hero? No fear! We have a hero swap function, by replacing the hero level, you can immediately get a high level hero. There is also a one-click reset function, which allows you to return your upgraded equipment materials in full!

【Many activities and rewards】

In the Treasure Cave, dig your own gold mine and plunder others' gold mines; in the Throne Tower, challenge the layers of guards and move forward; in the Endless Abyss, acquire equipment, challenge the Demon King and search for treasures; in the Blacksmith Shop, select materials, forge weapons and improve your battle power! Heroes, coins, diamonds, generous rewards, waiting for you to get! Every holiday season, there are also limited-time activities, so you can enjoy the holidays!

【Fierce battle, Top ranking】

Can you beat your opponents in the fierce battlefield and win a place in the warrior ranking list? Where will you end up in the 9 bands, including Recruit, Trainee, Warrior, Elite, Expert, etc? Fierce competition, generous rewards, the battlefield belongs to the warriors full of blood!

Come to "Brawl Knight" to lead the army and prove your strength!

As a small team, we considered a lot of game formats in the early stage and finally decided to present our game as a casual placement card game, rather than just upgrading, a reasonable line-up match can bring out the maximum power of the battle team. As a small team, we still have a lot of shortcomings in experience, we are willing to listen to every adventurer's voice and views, but also concerned about every adventurer encountered problems, welcome all adventurers to contact us to exchange!

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