Application of the BuddyFight card game of the Spanish community of Málaga

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Version0.6 (6)
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BuddyFight Málaga has the following elements:

-Life Counter (Take the count of your lives easily, you can also equip a Buddy and a Flag).

Currently the application is still in development.

----------------------------------------------------------Versión 0.5/0.6--------------------------------------------------------------

-Now you can select your Buddy from an image in your gallery, you will save the last chosen buddy if you close the application.

-Added BuddyGift button.

- Added LostWorld button, it will change the flag to Lost World reproducing a sound effect.

-Fantas ordered alphabetically.

-Translation to English of the application.

-New application design.

----------------------------------------------------------Versión 0.4--------------------------------------------------------------------

-Added output panel of the application from the life counter.
(Press back on your phone and you will get the panel to exit)

----------------------------------------------------------Versión 0.3--------------------------------------------------------------------

Change of app dynamics:

-Now you start with 0 of life.
-You must choose the flag to start the game.
-Once we activate the button to start the game, according to your flag the lives will be automatically set and the application will also play a sound of the chosen flag.

Special flags

-The Lost World flag will not add life, because you must start your game with any other world. When you evolve to this flag your "Deck Change" will be played.

-The Dragon Drei flag will only add 5 lives at the beginning so you must start with Dragon Zwei and once you evolve you can also do it within the app and it will add the 5 lives. It will also play a sound.

What's New

Select your Buddy from the phone gallery.We will need your permission.
Turn your flag to LostWorld!
New design of the app.
Fixed error player 2, now you can do the Buddygift.

Latest Version

Buddyfight MLG 0.6

Updated: 2018-10-13 (1 year ago)

0.6 (6) 2018-10-15