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Apr 16, 2017

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Traffic Racer Burnout Drift Racing!! Have you ever driven rash in a traffic packed road? Have you ever imagined that you will be awarded for making an accident on the road? If both the options evoke surprise for you, download the app Traffic Racer Burnout Drift and you will get to enjoy both the situations virtually at your fingertips. The app integrated Traffic Racer gameplay not only keep you amused with its speed frenzy, but awesome game control of the Highway Traffic Racer game will also keep you engrossed for long! Traffic Racer Burnout Drift is a Traffic Racer game with awesome speed dynamics.

How to play Burnout Drift Racing?

The game Traffic Racer Burnout Drift is simple to play: Drift Car City Traffic Racers can play the traffic racer game either by tilting the device or by touching to steer. You have to touch the gas button to enjoy acceleration and touch brake for slowing down.

As a dangerous Burnout Drift Racer, you have all liberty to wreck the traffic, whack the jam, and make the street life simple topsy-turvy. More accidents you will create you will earn more points in your account. You can wreck your car simply by making them exhausted by speedrunning or burnout drift them by exploding. You can select between 7 variants of vehicles like a sports cars, classical cars, race cars, mini cars, etc.

Traffic Racer Burnout Drift Racing Features:

You must be getting keen to start playing with the app Traffic Racer Burnout Drift! Take a quick drift at the app’s features.
• Interesting user interface,
• Multilevel game of Drag Racing,
• Specially designed bombs and unique city maps,
• Real physics integrated real life Drag Racing play simulation,
• Realistic traffic system and real car system,
• Perfect HD graphics has made the City Traffic Racer gameplay more interesting,
• Flawless car physics and rush driving simulation,
• Different weather conditions like Rainy, snowy, smoggy, cloudy, special weather conditions, and facility of Night and day car driving.

There are many more features that will make the game really addictive with its speed and power play. Download the app Traffic Racer Burnout Drift now and enjoy Traffic Racer 3D game unlimited at your fingertips.
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