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Caves (Roguelike) APK

Turn-based roguelike RPG. Kill monsters. Improve your character. Loot. Dig.

Version0.95.1.2 (41740)
UpdatedMay 16, 2021 (3 days ago)
CategoryGames, Role Playing

A classical turn-based roguelike* styled game, with pixel art graphics. The main feature of the game are caves, that you can dig through using your pickaxe. Both magic and high technology go together here.

*From Wikipedia:
"Roguelike is a subgenre of RPG games that are characterized by random level generation, turn-based gameplay, tile-based graphics, and permanent death of the player-character."

Also features:
- Your own main base, with a cloning system and upgrade station
- Hightech armor with the capability to choose one of five special abilities
- Find resources and craft unique and powerful items in a Crafting Station on your base
- Hordes of skeletons
- When I say hordes, I mean it. We even have a robot-skeleton :-)
- You can make your unique character by choosing different stats
- Big, randomly generated areas to explore
- Many interesting items
- A big weapons arsenal, from bows and daggers to plasma guns and energy swords
- Each weapon has it's own unique ability
- Comfortable controls
- Constantly updating

The game is in early development and I am actively working on new content and gameplay elements.

What's New
- Added 2 new rare weapons
- Map improvements
- Option to disable FPS limiting
- Fixed some bugs
- Added a new boss
- Added a new wand
- Added a new achievement
- Added new magic weapons
- Added 2 new bosses
- Added 2 new elite enemies
- Added 12 new rare weapons
- Added 3 new consumable items
- Added 2 new crafting recipes
- Added 3 new ingredients
- Increased capacity of mechanical belts
- Ingredients are now displayed in the database
- Minor AI improvements


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