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Jan 26, 2024
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Computer File Explorer APP

Computer is a free, full-featured file explorer, designed to support multiple tabs, so you can work with multiple folders at the same time.

This app is ad-supported to keep it free, but ads are not annoying and can be quickly closed or temporarily turned off in Settings. And there are no ads while working!

• Manage your documents like you do on your desktop: Copy and Paste files and folders;
• Application manager: open, uninstall or view any app's system management page.
• Built-in media viewer and player for various media formats, including photos, music, and videos;
• Built-in ZIP support allows you to archive and extract ZIP files;
• Supports tabs, so you can open multiple folders at the same time;
• Access shared documents with network connections: SMB (for PC), FTP or SFTP;
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