Cyber Space is a cyberpunk battle royale shooting mobile game.


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Nov 2, 2022
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Cyber Space GAME

Cyber Space is a cyberpunk battle royale shooting mobile game. Players can modify cyberware, strengthen various abilities, fight through gun shooting, and compete in the cyberpunk world. Before the ring approaches, search for supplies, upgrade cyberware, fight against Cyber-monster, and clash with each other until the last one or team is left.

[Cyberpunk style battle royale]
"Cyber Space" has a relatively fast-paced Battle Royale experience, with an average round of about 20 minutes and a brisk rhythm. The game can currently be played in four-player teams, and will continue to expand cooperation modes such as single-player matching and two-player matching in order to meet the matching needs of different players. As a cyberpunk Battle Royale game, you need to keep killing the Cyber-monster and enemies you encounter in the battle until you become the last winner, let's fight for victory!

[Freely assemble cyberware]
Prosthetic limbs(cyberware) are props in "Cyber Space", which can be mounted on a person's body to obtain corresponding attribute bonuses. The parts of the prosthesis can be divided into 5 parts such as head, hands, legs, skin, torso, and each part can be modified! The overall quality is divided into four grades: white, blue, purple, and gold, and different grades will have different effects. When players pick up the same prosthetic limbs in the battlefield, they can upgrade to enhance their combat capabilities.

At present, there are 15 kinds of prosthetic limbs(cyberware) with completely different abilities in the game. Players can freely combine the prosthetic limbs(cyberware) to create an exclusive modified person that best suits their abilities!

[Fight against Cyber-monster]
Compared with traditional battle royale games, "Cyber Space" has a large number of monsters with more diverse forms and combat capabilities, including mechanical dogs, self-destructing robots, etc. After killing Cyber-monster, there is a chance to obtain dropped items, which is also the main way for players to obtain prosthetic limbs(cyberware) and advanced firearms. Want to get more high-quality legendary items? Then quickly kill the Cyber-monster in front of you~

[Equip your ultimate weapon]
The game also has a unique gun system, everyone can carry 2 guns to fight. The quality of each firearm is divided into different qualities such as white, blue, purple, and gold. The higher quality firearms have stronger power, waiting for each player to discover.

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