Eine Anwendung, bei der Techniker direkt beim Kunden arbeiten.


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FieldService App App

Field Service Application is dedicated to technicians, handling their daily assignments while working at the customer's site.
All data related to the onsite visit is entered in the form of a report and synchronized on the back-end upon completion.
The application enables the user to:
- view a structured list of tasks
- track the progress when solving tasks
- report task completion by collecting all relevant documentation

Field Service Application is solely used by the permanent employees of one specific customer of Fieldcode.
It will ask for the technician's permission to access the location (GPS) data with initial login.
The technician's current location data is used to see their assigned jobs in the map function.
The latest location is also submitted while the app. is used in the background to plan the same day activities by the back office and to fulfil and manage contractual obligations of the customers.
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