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Ghost detector APP

🏹 Do you want to hunt or defend against ghosts? This app is for you. 🛡

🛠 Ghost detector aka finder is a ghost hunting tool that detects and shows spirits using phone camera. This paranormal app can be used as a ghost communicator.

🕵️‍♂️ Do you want to find ghosts or spirits in your house, your school, at your work? You just need to go with the phone and rotate the camera to different objects and the ghost detector will show the ghostly power in these objects.

🎧 Likewise this app works as a ghost communicator, because a strong spiritual power can interfere and the image in the camera may turn red or distort, you may even hear the voices of ghosts.

❗ The main thing to remember, do not anger evil forces, you use a ghost detector at your own peril and risk.

🔦 You can turn on the flashlight directly in the application to find ghosts even in the dark.

🔎 Ghost detector is a great replacement for a regular ghost radar, it shows you camera image and spirit power. This app can be used as a ghost tracker. High spirit power means that ghosts are near you. Also ghost camera beeps when spirit power is high, if it is very high you even can hear sounds from afterworld and see some ghosts.

We cannot scientifically prove that this app is looking for real ghosts. This app is made for fun and entertainment purposes only.
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