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This is the first and only App in the Play Store that enables you to send short messages which else only carriers can HushSMS is an application to send specific types of short messages. It can be useful during a pentest or ethical hacking. INFO: HushSMS will run on any android device form v2.2 up, but if a specific API method is missing in your ROM some functions are not displayed on your device . You can try the Xposed Module in that case. HTC devices with official ROM and SenseUI should be fully supported. HushSMS is a GSM ONLY app and will not work in CDMA networks! NEWS:  Now with TASKER Action Plugin You can send Class0 and Replace Messages with Tasker now  Xposed Framework Support (CURRENTLY NOT WORKING FOR ANDROID 4.4 KitKat) Thanks to XDA Dev Member androcheck! Now every device with Xposed Framework can enable the HushSMS Module in Xposed and should be able to send all message types, including class0 and silent ping! HushSMS will check if the module is loaded. However: Please check the Xposed Framework and send yourself a test message. Don't blame me if you sent out messages without having the module enabled! :-) Features:  Send Messages normally only operators can  Global notification even if HushSMS is not running  Xposed Module (Android >= 4.0)  Tasker Action Plugin for Class0 and Replace Msg (Android >= 4.0) Message Types:  Send normal SMS (doh!) (up to 160 chars)  Send FlashSMS (or Class 0) (up to 160 chars) *NEW* now with unicode support  Send WAP Push SI (Service Indication) (up to 40 chars)  Send WAP Push SL (Service Load) (up to 40 chars)  Send MMSN (MMS Notification) (up to 30 chars, not working against iPhones)  Send MWIVA (Voice Message Waiting Indicator Activation) *NEW* DCS and UDH method  Send MWIVD (Voice Message Waiting Indicator DeActivation) *NEW* DCS and UDH method  Send Ping  Send Ping2  Send Ping3 (Works for all recipients phones except Samsung Android phones and as reported Nokia 1100 1616 dumbphone (number is shown), but YMMV!)  Send Ping4 (Works for all recipients phones including Samsung Android Phones, shows an error when received on Windows Mobile but does not show senders number,and as reported Nokia 1100 1616 dumbphone (number is shown), but YMMV!)  Send Replace Messages (Type1 - 7) If you find any bugs please report them to me so I can make the software even better. References:  Full description of the app:http:www.silentservices.deproductsandroid-hushsms Xposed Module (currently v1.6.1):http:www.silentservices.deHushSMSExposedHelper.apk Usage and installation instructions for the Xposed Module:http:www.silentservices.deandroid-hushsms-xposed-helper-module Known Issues: - When selecting a contact with multiple mobile numbers only the first gets selected automatically Disclaimer: *** DONT USE THIS APP FOR EVIL! ACT RESPONSIBLE LIKE A HACKER, NOT LIKE A CRACKER OR SKIDDIE! PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY. ONLY BUY THIS APP IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE APP SEND ME AN EMAIL AND I WILL TRY TO HELP *** Tags: HushSMS, Ping, Type0, Class0, Class 0, sms, silent message, Flash SMS, FlashSMS, MMS, SilentSMS, Silent SMS, StealthSMS
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