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iTube is a tool to help you play YouTube videos. Once you stream a video or music it will save it in cache. Now you don’t need to download it again, hence, your data consumption is minimum.

How does it work?

The application simply works by storing information in cache once you have played it. This way you do not end up loading the video again and using the internet once more. With iTube, users can now enjoy listening to audio while opening and using other apps. The videos and music will remain playing even without the tab being open. if you want to read more about this app you can visit

Best feature of this app is that once you have played audio or video through this itube, it will be able to play whenever you want or wherever you want without consuming your mobile data. On another plus side, also gets rid of all the ads that appear for the first time preview. This way you will never be interrupted by those bothersome ads.

Follow these steps to use iTube

You will need to install through an APK file which requires the activation of the “Unknown sources” option within Settings and then Applications.


  • Open itube app search for music videos by name or artist through the search engine.
  • Click on the cover of each song to play it. A notification will pop up telling you that the video is downloading for the first time.
  • Press on the symbol represented by a star to add it to your playlist.
  • In the history tab represented by a clock you can view all the videos you’ve searched for and played, and that you can play once again even offline (they’re marked with the word cached in red).
  • Simply select any of the downloaded videos to watch it.
  • One of the best features of itube is that no adds will appear once you play the video from the cache.

The app pays importance to user’s privacy as it will not collect or record any private data of the user.

Note: It is currently unavailable for downloading from Play Store.

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