Ändern Sie die Anzeigeauflösung, den Overscan und passen Sie die Bildschirmdichte an.


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Resolution Changer APP

Root Permissions Required

A great and reliable tool to change Android screen resolution as well as adjusting screen density. Resolution Changer switches your smartphone/tablet display between some pre-defined screen resolutions or you can set your custom screen size.

Moreover, you can use this app to alter the display resolution temporarily or permanently for the specified apps. Your custom screen sizes can be saved in profiles to use later.

This app is usefull for app developers who want to test their app on different screen sizes. Also, gamers will find this app useful if they want to run games at different screen resolutions for better performance.

You can also use the Overscan feature to set display outside of the visible bounds of the screen. use this feature wisely because it might render your display unusable. Use the app carefully to avoid some undesired behaviors, all these at your own risk... :)

App Features
- Adjust Display Resolution (width and height)
- Change Screen Density
- Scaling
- Overscan
- Show Display Info: Screen Size, Refrersh Rate, xdpi, ydpi, etc.

The overscan feature is useful for usres having part(s) of a touch screen digitizer not working.
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