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Aktuelle Version

NameTenkai Knights APK
Version1.0.5 (6)
Aktualisiert26. Juli 2015
EntwicklerGame Pill Inc.
KategorieSpiele, Action

Tenkai Knights Spiel

Help the brave warriors defeat the evil Vilius!

Help the brave warriors defeat the evil Vilius and his Corrupted armies to save Quarton. Only you can master the Tenkai energy to defeat Vilius henchmen, Hos, Sho and Rho!

• Fight as Bravenwolf, Tributon, Lydendor and Valorn to save the planet from the clutches of evil.
• Battle through waves of Vilius' armies to reach the final battle.
• Help Bravenwolf defeat Vilius in the epic final conflict for Quarton.

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