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NameTouchscreen Repair APK
Version6.0 (15)
Aktualisiert12. Juli 2021
EntwicklerRedPi Apps
KategorieApps, Tools

Aktualisiert - Neue Funktionen

Bug fixes and library updates

Touchscreen Repair App

Reparaturen Touchscreen durch Reaktionszeit zu reduzieren und Touch Lags zu entfernen.

The touchscreen of any device deteriorates with use. As a result you experience touch lags and sometimes your touchscreen stops responding. Touchscreen repair app analyzes your touchscreen response time and reduces it so that you can have a smoother experience with your touchscreen.

-> Repairs your touchscreen by removing touch lags and improving your touchscreen responsiveness.
-> Makes it easier for you to type on your keypad.
-> Reduces touchscreen response time.
-> Easy and quick process.
-> Light weight apk. No unwanted graphics.

Touchscreen repair takes 4 response time values from 4 parts of your touchscreen. 3 such samples are taken for better accuracy. Based on these values, the app calculates a reduced, uniform response time and applies it for the touchscreen on software side.
This is how the app repairs your touchscreen.

Checkout this youtube video on how to use the app :

If you only want to calibrate your touchscreen without effecting the response time values, you can use the Touchscreen Calibration app:
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