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Version1.2 (2)
UpdatedJul 08, 2016 (5 years ago)
DeveloperSLS Games
CategoryGames, Arcade

Dragon Turtle Super Jumper is a fun and simple action game perfect for all age group! This game is free!! Try to beat your own high score and be the Best! You really cannot stop once you start playing this game. Get ready to blast off on an epic jumping journey with Dragon Turtle Super Jumper! Collect pizzas, grab crazy power ups.

Jump your warrior turtle to a full belly of pizza and soda blissful happiness. This game is made to entertain smaller children and adults alike. Including funny backgrounds of city. Along with those images come funny game sounds as well. Dragon Turtle Super Jumper is a challenging jumping and tapping game that will give you endless hours of pure hopping madness!

To prevent hunger, dragon turtle needs to eat pizza in order to survive. Please help the cute dragon turtle by running and jumping across the level. dragon turtle like to eat Pizza but you have to overcome many obstacles like barrels that prevent hopping dragon turtle from eating his Pizza. If you begin to play it, you will be addicted to it .It's more challenging and fun than it seems!
Help dragon turtles collects pizzas by jumping from one ball to another, to get the highest score try to collect all the pizzas!! You as a student of class dragon turtle, you've graduated. Now you're doing the work of a dragon turtle.

Collect rewards if you hope to reach your turtle village in time! Engaging scoring system that ensures you’ll keep coming back for more. Jump together with this jumping dragon turtle Man as high as you can! Simple, interesting and fun for kids and their parents. Collect pizzas for big points and huge combo boosts! Hilarious sound effects and a bumping sound track!

A true warrior dragon turtle and jump around the city rooftops, collecting as many pizzas as possible! Perform cool dragon turtle moves and jump from rooftop to rooftop across moving platforms. Make sure you land correctly, for if you miss a ball you could fall to your doom. The game is easy to play, but never easy to master. Challenge yourself and put your turtle dragon turtle skills to the test. Crazy jumps and fascinating flights of a turtle! Do you like jumping games, these Jumper dragon turtle is for you, try it.

Features of this game:
- Easy controls: simply tap the screen for a jump and double tap for a double dragon turtle jump
- Collect as many pizzas as you can. You can get more points than your friends.
- Cool graphics along with an awesome cartoon style dragon turtle character.
- Land on constantly changing array of platforms.
- Remember that you can jump twice by touching the screen twice.
- An easy Arcade endless Jumper with Cute dragon turtles Character.
- Post scores on Facebook or Twitter
- You will be amazed by the gorgeous graphics, rich game play, and music filled madly addictive quality of this game.

Dragon Turtle Super Jumper is a running and jumping game where the dragon turtle need to cross different obstacles, overcome dangers while collecting as many Pizzas as you can to score the highest. Let’s enjoy Dragon Turtle Super Jumper amazing adventure right now. Easy to play and more fun to have! Let’s move!

What's New

New character design
Game improvement (new)
please enjoy!

Email: harveysutopo.gp@gmail.com

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