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1.0.0 · May 20, 2021

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Version1.0.0 (1)
UpdatedMay 20, 2021
DeveloperDropstat, LLC
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Faster healthcare staffing, less financial waste.

Spend less on unnecessary overtime and agency/temporary staff, so that you can spend more on quality patient care and staff support.

Dropstat helps healthcare facilities fill shifts quickly with internal teams. Integrated auditing enables facilities to ensure that costly overtime and temporary staff are only utilized when absolutely necessary. With a simple interface and full onboarding, Dropstat is simple to use, and easy to navigate.

Simply upload all employee contacts into the platform, assign proper cost/safety tags, and send shift requests when needs arise. Staff responses are aggregated back to DropStat’s platform with all relevant cost and safety tags, enabling managers to make instant best fit decisions for shifts.

DropStat automates all your cross communication. No more approving staff to work over the phone, or calling and texting. With separate department and management consoles, Dropstat can be quickly deployed in all departments with appropriate administrative data reports .

Still unsure? Send us an email, and Dropstat's customer success department will provide you with a needs assessment and cost savings projection.


STORE employee contacts in one convenient location

TAG all employees with their cost and safety metrics

SHARE staff contacts across affiliate facilities and units where staff are cross trained

NOTIFY team members of urgent shift needs with a few touches of the screen

REACH all internal staff members qualified to pick up shifts

APPROVE the best fit team member and let DropStat handle the communication.

AUTOMATE all shift approval and platform messaging

COLLABORATE shared virtual workspace enables shift managers to work together

AUDIT use of internal resources in seconds to verify that premium pay necessary and approved

REDUCE the use of unnecessary overtime approvals and costly per diem/ agency staff

RESTORE countless hours of productivity by cutting back on time spent staffing

INTEGRATE with your scheduling and HR systems for large enterprise needs (optional)

Dropstat can be used for nursing, GNA's, CNA's, NP's, LPN's, physicians, respiratory therapy, food services, environmental services, and all patient care areas.

Email: info@dropstat.com

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