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Jan 19, 2024
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Emergency Hospital:Kids Doctor GAME

A toddler will become a real doctor in our new educational game about Hippo adventures. It is a very important mission to cure kids. This interactive game for boys and girls of 3-7 years has a whole set of tasks connected with kids games about doctors. Download this game and enjoy exciting adventures!

It is a very important job to work in emergency services. Whatever happens, ambulance and traumatologist are the first to come to the accident site. A doctor needs to make decisions quickly because a patient may need urgent treatment. And when an urgent operation is needed, a doctor can make it right away. Doctors save the lives of their patients.

Our favourite Hippo presents a new educational game for kids. This is a medical game about hospitals. And you are the most important doctor there. So what are we waiting for? We have a call! Ambulance is on its way! Has somebody fallen out of the window, has there been a car accident or a construction crane has fallen? No worries! Our Hippo will treat and save every patient.

To make doctors come to the site in time, we will deliver them by ourselves. Become a driver of an ambulance car and go through city districts to the accident site. The lives of small patients depend on your driving skills.

We will have a complicated operation when we come to the place. The traumatologist will remove spinsters, make plasters on broken arms and legs, put ointment on scars, make shots and many many other tasks. Educational game about Hippo hospital is developed for kids and will teach them a lot of interesting and useful things.


* educational game for kids of any age
* a lot of tasks and missions with the skills of first aid
* colourful graphics and exciting plot
* teach preschoolers by playing
* favourite characters of toddlers
* encouragement of healthy lifestyle

Our game about hospital is absolutely free of charge. We want you and your kids to have fun. Keep an eye on updates and stay with us. We are preparing new exciting adventures for boys and girls. There are a lot of doctors in our hospital and you can try to be any of them. Play with us!

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