Lead your heroes to reclaim the City of Dawn, rebel against AI. Save the world!


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Nov 17, 2023
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Equinox: Dawn's Edge GAME

In this outstanding sci-fi Idle RPG game, you will lead your heroes to reclaim the City of Dawn, rebel against AI, and save human civilization.

The Helium Flash Crisis is upon us and Earth is facing its doomsday. The AIs, who have predicted the crisis, are abandoning humans and launching an ark to escape. But you won't give up without a fight. As the commander, you'll rally humans and cyborgs to launch a counter-attack against the controlling AIs. Download the game now and lead your heroes beyond the horizon, into the City of Dawn to defeat the AIs and win a chance for survival.

[Strategic Combat]
Use your wits to come up with the best combination of heroes to battle. Choose from humans, cyborgs, and AI heroes to recruit and train, and in the end achieve victory in battle!

[Intimate Friend]
Experience a unique and immersive world and explore the vast sci-fi universe with Asper, your closest companion who will accompany you throughout the game!

[Vivid and Realistic Sci-Fi World]
Embark on an epic adventure to the City of Dawn with cutting-edge graphics and sound effects. Immerse yourself in the game's creative and original storyline!

Download the game now and lead the human resistance out of the eternal darkness into the edge of dawn, and retrieve the hope for survival!
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