Utilice su plan de SMS móvil para enviar mensajes a los contactos en un archivo CSV o Excel


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15 ago. 2015

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Aplicación BulkSMS

BulkSMS is a small and powerful application that enables users to send generic and customized SMS messages through their carrier network to contacts that are listed in a CSV or Excel input file. BulkSMS can serve for mass delivery of holiday greetings, as an efficient marketing tool and more.
The application is offered for a free two-week trial period, after which purchasing a one-time, permanent Pro license can be easily done from the "settings" menu.

- Send SMS messages to an unlimited number of contacts with just a few clicks.
- Customize your messages using additional fields in your source file or using environment variables (like the system's date and time or an incrementing index number). You can include in each message the recipient's name, for example.
- Run the application in the foreground, minimize it or turn the screen off - it will continue working.
- Get live progress updates during the sending process, both inside the application's user interface and in the phone's notification bar.
- Schedule sending tasks to a predetermined date and time in the future. The schedule will work even if you've restarted your phone.
- Preview your message before sending.
- Supports split messages (long messages that are divided and reassembled on the recipient's phone).
- Supports Unicode text.
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