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18 jun. 2024
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Co Co is the best browser with built-in video adblocker, smart AI chatbot as well as lots of interesting information lookup and entertainment features.

- Integrating Adlock Plus technology: Allow you to browse the web without malicious and annoying ads.
- Even more enhanced than Adblock Plus: Effectively block ads that interrupt the video you are watching, pop-up ads and auto redirect ads.

- Fast Download: Download files 8X faster than using other browsers.
- Cinema Mode: Watch video in fullscreen mode and personalize your experience with advanced settings such as adjusting volume, brightness and seeking in video using touch gestures; disabling touch gestures; selecting play speed, screen ratio, subtitles and setting sleep timer.
- Pin Video: Continue watching video in Picture-in-Picture mode (PiP) when switching to another app.
- Play Audio in Background: Listen to music when the screen is off, while you're surfing social media, chatting or playing game on another app.
- Connect with TV: Scan QR code once only to connect with Co Co TV browser and enjoy the same entertainment experience as on computer and mobile. Easily send links or any website you want for quick access on TV.

Ask whatever you need and get things done faster. Our Cốc Cốc AI Chat GPT-3.5 assistant can help you do anything, from idea generation, content creation, text translation to planning a travel itinerary, workout routine and so much more.

- Search: More than 20 vertical searches about news, entertainment and education; Voice search and QR code scanner.
- AI Search Summarizer Assistant: Automatically summarize information from multiple sources for you on how-to queries. Save time with more concise and relevant answer right at the top of the search result page.
- Browser Lock: Lock Co Co app with PIN code, Touch ID, or Face ID.
- Dark Mode: Change browser appearance from light to dark theme, helping to save battery and reduce eye strain.
- Synchronization: Get the same bookmarks, passwords, and browsing history across all your devices.
- Earn Points - Exchange Gifts: Earn Cốc Cốc Points for your daily browsing activities. Redeem points to exchange gifts or join interesting games with valuable rewards.

Set Co Co as your default web browser on your Android device. Follow the instructions on Co Co app, or go to Settings > Apps > Co Co > Set as your default browser.

Choose Entertainment, Choose Co Co!
Download Co Co Mobile today and enjoy!

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