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Última Versión

NombreDaily Orders APK
Versión1.2.80 (10000215)
Actualizada21 de 11 de 2021
DesarrolladorVasista Enterprise Solutions Pvt Ltd
CategoríaAplicaciones, Empresa

Actualizada - Novedades

- Enhancements in configuration file as per recommendations.
- Subscription screen showing price with UOM.
- Enhancements in DMS filters selection.
- Enhancements in Orders screen with category filters.
- Date format fixes in Reconciliation screen.

Aplicación Daily Orders

Plataforma para todos los interesados ​​en la cadena de suministro.

Daily Orders is a unique new platform to solve the last-mile sales and distribution leg of large supply chains. This mobile-first solution makes it extremely simple for Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers/Agents and Consumers to manage their daily transactions. Daily Orders platform also provides a robust and lowest-cost payment platform for all stakeholders involved in the sale and distribution of products.

Agents/Retailers can also use the Daily Orders App to track all their transactions (including make and receive payments) with respect to both their Suppliers and Consumers right from their fingertips.
Consumers can view their daily/monthly invoices and make digital payments to their agents.
Suppliers can conveniently track their sales and collect payments from their Retailers/Agents.

Please note that this is an invite-only app and please contact your Supplier for registration/login details.
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