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Ghost Detector Radar PRO - Detect Real Ghosts


Detecta el radar de los fantasmas reales para buscar seres paranormales a tu alrededor. ¡Da miedo!


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28 ago. 2018

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Do you like scary jokes or horror stories? Do you find it fun to discuss horror stories with your friends or in a gathering at night? Then you must try this app, and you will not be disappointed.

Ghost Detector app is the most perfect solution to find ghosts and paranormal beings around you. It is used by Real Ghost Hunters around the world. You can use it to scare your friends or family.

Paranormal Beings are everywhere, They can be even behind you right now or sitting beside you. They can be good or bad sometimes. People call them by names such as:
Ghost, призрак, fantasma, jurig, 亡灵 etc. and much more. Everyone is so curious to find out where these creatures are or to be able to see them. You can Use Ghost Detector Radar app to locate or communicate with these creatures.

Just open the app and walk around to find ghosts, when the signal is strongest and there is no other electronic device nearby the signal can only be strong because of presence of supernatural beings. You can easily detect paranormal beings using this sensor.

Ghost Detector App can be used to observe haunted places and houses and find where paranormal beings or ghosts are present, experienced hunters can even follow their movement.

The new algorithm - EM4 used in this app is capable enough to detect these supernatural beings or ghost detector, it's much more accurate and sensitive to detect ghosts camera than any of its counterparts and competitors and additionally enables us to measure nature of paranormal activity and to detect ghost in your house.

Search for ghosts yourself or just scare your friends by detect ghost app!

How to Haunt Detect Ghost:
To find and investigate haunted places and other paranormal beings better, we are already working on the future updates that will bring: ghost detector radar simulator, ghost sensor, ghost observer, ghost radars, ghost trackers, ghost camera, camera detector, ghost detector, find real ghost, ghost in photo, ghost games, detect real ghost etc. We hope you'll be waiting and will like them when more apps arrive!

Wish you good luck and a safe hunt!

* As no one can have full understanding of nature or paranormal beings and activities, this app provides no guarantee that it's accuracy will be exact or will not change by the time. App is for fun and entertainment purposes only! You can scare your friends and family!

* Sensitivity may vary from device to device.

Don't forget to give reviews and feedbacks so we can improve the app.

Be SAFE and start HUNTING!
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