Expand your android device RAM with this powerful application in single click.


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29 may. 2018
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Memory low..?? Not enough space to perform this task..?? No Space for new photos, music or games..???
Does your android phone gives these errors/notifications?? You are seriously required this application to procced with whatever planes to you have to play with.
This is the most powerful application release ever to expand/Boost your RAM memory of your device. This application is specially designed to with great programs which clean your junk files, release unused RAM, clear caches, boost up speed so smartly that to in just a single click. So download “RAM Expander” and experience the all new feel.

Highlights of RAM Expander

► Fast Junk Clean
► Quick RAM Booster
► Advanced application Manager

Fast Junk Clean

• Smart junk scan
• 1-click clean up
• Show detailed storage use of internal and external storage and RAM

Quick RAM Booster

• Intelligently collect all application at a glance in single scan
• Cleaned and boosted RAM quickly
Advanced application manager

• Easily backup, uninstall unused apps
• Share smartly and update to play store from the same window
• Manage backup (.apk) files

This advanced and intelligent app is completely free for you. This optimizes mobile performance and expand your RAM and clean junk and caches.
Please let us know how we can improve this app, we would love to hear from you. Thanks!!
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