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NameEzCalc APK
Version2.4.2 (24)
UpdatedJan 27, 2021
CategoryApps, Tools

EzCalculators App

Regular calculator, fraction calculator and much more. No Ads and Free!

This app is free.

This app has no ads.

This app does not need any system permission.

This app does not need internet connection.

EzCalc for Android helps you to do basic and advanced math calculation. This app includes the following calculators:

• Math Calculator with regular and scientific functions. The app stores the calculation history.
• Fraction Calculator
• Fraction and Decimal converter
• Unit Converter
• Tips Calculator
• Discount Calculator
• Percentage Calculator
• TAX/VAT/GST Calculator
• Loan Calculator
• Compound Interest Calculator
• Programmer Calculator
• Permutation and Combination Calculator
• Standard Deviation Calculator
• Heat Index and Wind Chill Calculator

Please email question and feature request directly to developer at pfinanceapp@gmail.com. We actively support users.

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