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Jan 27, 2023
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FeeDog - Raising Dog GAME

You can heal by feeding dogs and watching cute things!
Get a cute dog, Lucky, Rack, and various dogs!
When the dog grow up, they help Lucky fight ghosts together.
You can dress them in cute clothes, too!

# Good food is eaten automatically if you stay still.

# Bad food can be hit by touching the screen when it gets close.

# Attack ghosts with bad food!
- If you touch bad food, bad food flies to the ghost and damages it.
- If you feed good food, it will restore the ghost.

# The ghost attacks Lucky after a certain period of time.

# Raise Lucky's level in the store with the star coin you got after defeating the ghost.
- A stronger Lucky can hunt a stronger ghost.

# If you collected Gem, you can meet the dog through the dog basket!
- When you feeding milk to your dog , Lucky gets stronger, too!
- When the dog grows up, it can combine with Lucky and Rack to fight!
- Dress your dog in cute clothes!

# Game Tip!
- The more you keep the combo, the more star coins you get.
- Angel buffs cover up one mistake.

# FeeDog is requesting these permissions to store and load game data.


FeeDog is a game without a server and does not use your information separately.

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