The ultimate brick breaking game that gives your brain a break!


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Aug 4, 2022

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Final Bricks Breaker GAME

Simply fire the ball when you're bored or having a stressful day!
Release stress as you destroy the bricks!

[How to Play]
- Touch the screen to set the angle and release to unleash balls.
- Bricks are destroyed when durability hits 0.
- Break all the bricks to advance to the next stage.
- Game over when the bricks reach the bottom line.

- Free to play
- Thousands of stages
- Possible of one-hand play with easy controls
- Network connection is not required (Offline play)
- 3 modes (Stage, Classic, 100 Balls)
- Requires little space and supported on devices of low specification
- Supported on tablet devices
- Achievements & Leaderboards supported
- 19 languages supported

- This game includes in-app purchases.
- Actual transaction occurs upon the purchase of an item.
- Refunds of purchase may be limited depending on the item of purchase.
- Data saved on a device is reset upon deletion of app or change of device.



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