What is the difference between two pictures - spot the differences game for kids


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Nov 14, 2017

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Find the Difference for Kids GAME

Find the Difference for Kids game: what's the difference between two photos? Can you “spot it”?

☑ “Compare two pictures side by side” to search for differences;
☑ When you “find the different object”, tap on it as fast as possible!
☑ Identify 5 different items in pictures before the time runs out - 1 min/ 60 secs!
☑ The number of differences increases with levels, as well as the difficulty of the game!
☑ If you get stuck, use two types of help:
get more time for completing the level!
take a hint to see where the pictures differ!
earn coins by guessing differences and use them to pay for helps.
☑ Two game-play modes: arcade and endless!
Arcade playing mode > many levels with a raising level of difficulty;
Endless mode > no levels so you play as long as you want in order to make the highest score.

As you can see, “Find the Difference for Kids” is a highly addictive game where you should compare two photos side by side and “spot the differences between pictures”! It is one of the best free “spot it games” – a puzzle that challenges brain! Obtain this “spot the differences” tablet or phone and you'll ensure hours of fun.
Do your kids like to “search differences in pictures”? Can they easily win this “What's the diff” game? Download this free fun app for children where kids can compare images and check if they will find all different items in pictures! In a multitude of interesting games to play when bored, this “spot the differences game for kids” should definitely be your choice No.1! Why? Because numerous “cute pictures for kids” with animals, nature, colorful design and appealing graphics will keep their attention for a long time. Also, they will find the differences easily, at first, but it will become harder with every next level. Further on, this casual game for kids is an excellent brain exercise that improves observation skills and visual perception, enhances the ability to concentrate and provides one with hours of fun and entertainment! “Find the difference”, “Difference game”, “Spot the difference” - call it as you may just remember that you should identify 5 or more different items between 2 pictures.
All who like to play games where you should “find the hidden object”, are going to love this “find the difference free 2017” game as well. It's like these cute photos are playing hide and seek with you – beat them down and discover all the distinctions before the end of time. Become the best difference detective ever, compare beautiful pictures carefully, spot every hidden object and “find differences between two pictures” for less than a minute! With these cute photo puzzles your child will love “spot the difference free for kids” more than any other app.
Find the Difference for Kids offers you an easy-to-use interface and intuitive tap controls which make it suitable for toddlers, preschoolers or older children.
There are two playing modes: arcade and endless mode. With every difference between pictures that you guess, you acquire coins which allow you to use helps. Beware that in endless mode you can use helps only once, at the beginning of the game. In the arcade mode, however, the first time you use them for free, and every next time you must pay.
Show everyone you can easily find where's the difference with these addictive games for kids and relax! Beautiful images of kids playing with cute animals such as rabbits, sheep or butterflies or children watering flowers and fruits and many others will really entertain you. “Spot the difference for kids” is an excellent brain teaser and time killer with a large set of cute images for children and relaxing music – download it for free straight away and enjoy!
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