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29 nov. 2021
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Application Dhan Barse

For years, Goldmedal has been recognized in the electrical industry for introducing new, exciting and innovative products. Whether it is Home Automation Systems, Modular Glass Plates, Modular Entertainment Systems, Touch Switches, Customizable Doorbells, Modular LEDs and more, the Goldmedal brand has now become synonymous with innovation.

Goldmedal is also known in the industry for building strong, lasting relationships with its Dealers, Retailers, Electricians and Counter Boys. Goldmedal now launches the Dhan Barse app that will make connections with each of these partners truly unbreakable.

Based on an innovative scheme that is genuinely inclusive and grand in scope, the Dhan Barse app will enable every user to connect and recieve rewards directly from the company! Like the Wireman Currency scheme introduced by Goldmedal, Dhan Barse promises to set a new trend in the industry. Conceived in partnership with Paytm - India’s largest online payment service and digital bank - the Dhan Barse app will be hugely beneficial to everyone associated with Goldmedal – be it Dealers, Retailers, Electricians or Counter Boys!

Custom-developed by Paytm exclusively for Goldmedal, the Dhan Barse mobile app is feature-rich but has a really simple and intuitive interface to ensure usability for every segment of its users. The Dhan Barse is in many ways the realization of the Prime Minister's vision of empowering each and every Indian digitally. Goldmedal welcomes everyone in the industry to participate in this scheme and be part of the Dhan Barse success story. We hope you'll spread the word so that as many people as possible can benefit from this.

The company sincerely hopes that you will have a pleasant and enriching experience using the Dhan Barse app. Should you need any assistance with downloading or using the app, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We look forward to your usage of this app. Your feedback regarding this app will help us improve and evolve the app.
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