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Geometry Dash Apk Best Review - What Do You Need to Know?


Geometry Dash apk is one of the most exciting mobile games to play after a long day of work. No matter if you are an adult or kid, this game may please you with the fun features and hilarious music. 

So, what is the initial version of Geometry Dash? What has it developed? Which feature is the most interesting? And then, what are the pros and cons of the game? 

This article will be showing the best review of Geometry Dash apk for your reference before you download and play it! 

What Is Geometry Dash Apk?

Geometry Dash was first made for the PC platform but now is available on iOS and Android systems, too. In the game, alongside the background music, you will fly or jump with your object, avoid obstacles, and go to the finish line. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Let’s see what makes this interesting. 

Features of Geometry Dash Apk

Game features

  • Music-based apps with lots of music themes
  • Many levels with different difficulties
  • Create structures, pathways, and levels with your idea
  • Ready to customize looks and costumes of characters
  • Several unique items which can be bought by orbs during the gameplay

Latest updates

  • New icons and effects 
  • New shop for community
  • New Demon challenge every week
  • New Demon chests
  • Levels sorting
  • Bugs fixed

Notable features and updates of Geometry Dash Apk

The extreme difficult levels

The unique feature of the game is the non-stop running vehicles. You cannot control the speed of your object, and this makes the game hard. The most challenging thing is that the speed increases by time and is mixed with the music in theme. But you shouldn’t worry as the beat of the song is often fit with the moves. So follow the rhythm and the beat. 

Your aim should be to master and pass all the levels of the game. It takes time to train and practice your skills before you can win all the stages. 

The music-based action

Indeed, there was very few games operating based on the rhythm of the music in-game at the time Geometry Dash Apk was released. This feature makes the game funnier and relaxed, while bringing the exceptional feeling for players. 

Children are attracted by the rhythm and that’s one of the reasons they love playing Geometry Dash Apk. The gameplay doesn’t require any complicated skills or techniques. All you need to do is to follow the beat of the music and play effortlessly if you just want to relax and play for fun.

Demon challenge every week

If you are a real fan of Geometry Dash Apk, this feature is a significant update for you. Now you can challenge yourself with extremely hard levels through Demon challenge mode which is opened every week. 

The theme is darker with dark red background. The obstacles are spread everywhere and densely. The rhythm is faster than that of normal mode. You will have to put much effort and attempts to go through this Demon challenge. This mode is too hard to play for fun. 

Geometry Dash APK: Pros and Cons 

Every game has its pros and cons. Users should consider before playing to avoid any inconvenience and uncomfortable feelings. 


Fun and entertaining: Like its primary purpose, the game is for fun and relax. There is no aim of the producer to force users to try their best to master and win the game. The songs are great. The rhythm is easy to feel and follow. The gameplay is also simple. There is no requirement for skillful or complicated moves. All you need is to be careful. But most of all, it has to be relaxed.

Challenging: If you feel too easy to pass all the levels in other games, you won’t see that here. In the offline version, you will face 21 levels with distinct difficulties, but when you connect to the online version, there are more levels created by other players. This feature makes the game more diverse to attract users who desire for the wins.

Various costumes and appearance:

Get bored of the same appearance of your characters? This is not the problem in Geometry Dash apk. To get more excitement from the players, the developer allows people to purchase new costumes and designs in-game by the orbs collected. After obtaining these items, you can choose and customize your character with new looks. 


Take a lot of time to play: As mentioned above, Geometry Dash apk is simple but not easy at all. It just takes a little touch with the obstacles that you must start from the beginning. Some people desire to master the game and try to play for too long, but all they get is frustration. The truth is, the more you play, the more tired you get, and this makes you fail more quickly.

Addiction: Like other games, this rhythm-based apps can addict players. How? Gamers like to conquer or master the game they love. When the game is hard, it takes more the players’ time. Often, they keep playing again and again until they pass a difficult level or stage. If you cannot control your mind and your feel, you will be deep into this game. 

In conclusion

Above is the best review of Geometry Dash apk that you need to know before downloading and playing. 

This game is simple and difficult at the same time, which can challenge any gamers in the world. Will you play it for fun, or desire to master all the levels of such a challenging game? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts about this game. 

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