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Dernière version

NomISO Extractor APK
Version1.4 (9)
Mise à jour31 déc. 2018
DéveloppeurDavid Hedberg
Installations1 000 000+
CatégoriesApps, Outils

Application ISO Extractor

Parcourir et extraire des fichiers à partir de divers fichiers image de disque (fichiers image de CD)

This application allows you to browse and extract files from various disc image files (CD image files).

- File formats: .iso, .bin/.cue, .mdf/.mds, .img/.ccd, .nrg and .zip.
- File systems: ISO9660 with basic Joliet and/or RockRidge extensions present.
- Conversion to .iso
- Merging a .cue sheet with multiple .bin files into a single .bin file.

NOT supported:
- Most DVD or Blu-ray images will NOT work at the moment. You will probably see a small .txt file instead.
- The application does not yet support extracting audio tracks.
- Support for conversion to .iso is limited. For example, PSX images cannot be converted.
- Files using newer versions of the mdf/mds format are not supported. In some cases they can be opened anyway.
- The application will not attempt to recognize or open any files other than those listed above, but will still gladly extract them for you so you can open them using other applications.

All reasonable feedback is welcome.
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