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24 oct. 2016
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The SEOquake team has once again expanded their reaches and created a standalone application with special SEO features that is primarily meant to assist web masters who deal with search engine optimization (SEO) and website promotion. Now available as an app for your tablet, SEOquake allows users to obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters of any Internet project. Beginner webmasters and SEO’s will find SEOquake useful for estimating the effectiveness and competitive ability of their SEO efforts. When in the hands of a professional, SEOquake is a powerful and indispensable tool for analyzing the optimization and promotional level of Internet web projects.

SEOquake is notable for its ability to provide a wealth of information for a wide range of parameters that are available for analysis such as Page Rank, Google index, Alexa, and many others. It also possesses an extreme simplicity of use and contains an innovative tool available for the creation of custom parameters. The SEOquake toolbar displays the values of parameters under each search result in SERP of Google. The functionality of this tablet app is primarily such as that for SEOquake for Firefox.
SeoQuake consists of two extremely functional elements consisting of the SeoBar and the computation of the parameters for search results included in Google search engine results pages.

The SeoBar is an additional toolbar that shows the values of selected parameters for the page currently opened in the browser window. The set of parameters that is initially revealed by SeoBar is fully customizable by the user.

Inclusion of parameters in SERPs
After submission of the query into the search engine, the user is presented with the SERP results. SEOquake displays values of the parameters for results under each search result shown.

The general set of parameters consists of those such as as Google PR (Google PageRank of current page), Google Index (number of indexed pages Google version), Google link (number of links pointed to the current page), Google version (except links from concerned domain), and supplementary miscellaneous parameters. All SEOquake parameters can be turned on or off to be shown in the SeoBar or on SERPs.
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