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Dernière version

NomThe Twins APK
Version1.1 (6)
Mise à jour28 avr. 2021
Installations5 000 000+
CatégoriesJeux, Arcade

Jeu The Twins

Soit vous vous retrouvez en prison, soit vous pouvez rembourser votre temps en tant que voleur ...

You are a simple thief who has been stealing all your life.
You have now been given an ultimatum, either you end up in jail or you get a chance to retaliate for your time as a thief.

If you decide to repay, your assignment will be as follows.
You must break into the building of the two dangerous infamous criminals, also called "The Twins", and steal back precious stolen goods that they are guarding.

If you complete this mission, you will be released and can do whatever you want with your life.
But be careful, "The Twins" are very dangerous.

Good luck!
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