Position calculation using Galileo raw signals, with augmented reality view.

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Visualise Galileo satellite navigation signals on your Android device!

For compatible devices that support the European Galileo Satellite Navigation System, GalileoPVT uses the raw signals from visible Galileo satellites to calculate your position, independent of the processed fix supplied by the device GNSS chipset.

A comparison can be made with the GPS and internal Android calculated locations, with all points plotted on the map. Received signals are listed in a table (including signals from Glonass and Beidou, if supported by the device, as well as GPS and Galileo).

An augmented reality view allows you to visualise the position of live Galileo satellites in the sky, as viewed by the device camera. This feature also works on devices that do not support Galileo, by plotting the predicted satellite positions if no signals are received.

The raw signals can be logged to a file for post-processing, in CSV or NMEA format.

To use the app you will need to grant the following permissions:
Camera - for the Augmented Reality view
Location - to make use of the raw GNSS measurements and Android location
Storage - to save logfiles and to save and read back assistance data
Network - to download assistance data from the Google SUPL server

Please note: The augmented reality view will only work if your device has a magnetometer - most phones do, but not all. Check to see if the sky plot rotates as you turn the device.

Tested with the Samsung Galaxy S8+, Huawei P10 and Xiaomi Mi8. A list of devices that support Galileo can be found at the following address:

GalileoPVT was developed as a fun side project by engineers Tim and Paolo at the European Space Agency.

What's New

- C/N0 filter only applies if at least 4 signals are above the threshold, improving PVT availability on some devices
- Statistics menu item added to show cumulative signal use
- Pressure and battery temperature logged to support thermal vacuum tests
- AR view safety warning notice added in order to comply with Google Family Policy requirements
- Fix for issue preventing start on Android 9

Latest Version

GalileoPVT 0.572

Updated: 2019-10-22 (3 weeks ago)

0.55 (55) 2019-04-08
0.54 (54) 2019-03-04
0.53 (53) 2018-11-19
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