Choose your helicopter and fly to help. Truck, ship and train need your help!


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Mar 20, 2021

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Go Helicopter (Helicopters) GAME

Take on the role of a helicopter pilot and fly to help the other vehicles. The game counts skill and cunning, so it can be a challenge even for the best players.

Go Helicopter is a game full of puzzles and other elements of variety to the gameplay. In addition, you will find here:

✔️ 12 different helicopters with different properties, the ability to change color 🚁
✔️ 100 unique levels 🎮
✔️ 8 different locations such as desert, sea, mountains or beach 🏜️
✔️ many vehicles that need your help, and including truck, ship, train or jeep 🚂
✔️ 3 difficulty levels - to get 100% of the game you must complete all levels on the hardest level 💎
✔️ many obstacles and puzzles: bridges, lifts, elevators, exploding elements, walls, heavy loads 🎲
✔️ 12 languages: English, Polish, Italian (Lucian Sipos), Dutch (Niek Brouwer), Spanish (Agnieszka Tomza), French, Russian (Stanislaw Kanaev), Czech (MikeeNachtigall), German (nougatkekz), Bangla (Imran Rocks), Slovak (puppygamer1994), Portuguese (Gonçalo Rodrigues) 🌎

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