Navigation and gps route finder app with speedometer and timer.


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Mar 27, 2021
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Gps Route Finder App

This gps route finder app consist of route finder speedometer, my locations and timer functions in a single user interface. It is a powerfull navigation app. With this gps route finder app you can get nearby parking locations on map.

Speedometer consists of current, average and max speed indicators. Just press start button speedometer will show you your average speed, current speed and max speed during your navigation.

Timer is usefull for measuring actual navigation times. Just press sart button on timer and it will calculate you your actual navigation time even if it working on background.

My locations functions is usefull for saving your favourite places or places that you do not want to search each time you want to navigate to. Just save once and press on place marker and you can navigate to that place easily. It saves your time and effort so increases productivity.
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