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NameHeroesOfAtlan APK
Version1.8.12 (192)
UpdatedOct 14, 2021
CategoryGames, Role Playing

Updated - What's New

- It has been modified that the monthly number was abnormally printed in the attendance check event guide.
- Now, we don't require contact rights when playing games.

Heroes of Atlan Game

Fun! Intense! Tons of Contents! The Greatest Hero RPG!


* An EPIC turn-based RPG with hundreds of Heroes to choose from!
* Customize and upgrade your Heroes and build up your party to defeat the Demon King!
* Join the saga and play with thousands of players from all across the world!
* Over a Million players worldwide

■ Traditional Mobile RPG loved by 4 million users around the world
- Enjoy the battle with Hundreds of Heroes in various scenarios !
- Higher the Hero stars, stronger you get !

■ Massive and Solid Scenarios are ready!
- Unstoppable exploration and challenges to solve secrets
- Receiving various quests and unknown missions

■ Massive Ceatures that threat the continent of Atlan
- Defeat the Giant World Boss and keep the kingdom peace!

■ The more contents you play, the more contents you get addicted!
- The Clash and the Colosseum to achieve No.1 in the server
- Various reinforcement system to enhance the hero's strength further!

■ Guild systems where cooperation and competition coexist
- Defeat the guild raid boss and get rewarded
- Collaborate with guild members to win victories in the Guild Competition and Stronghold

• Create your own customized party of Heroes with their own unique skills.
• Test your abilities by entering weekly tournaments and fight against players from around the world.
• Ride and modify spectacular Airships to excavate treasure.
• Build life-long partnerships with various pets as they assist you on your adventure.
• Hundreds of unique items to upgrade and customize your Heroes.
• Invite your friends or make new ones to help you along your journey.
• Join or form a guild to partake in intense guild battles and fight massive bosses.
• Full support for tablet compatibility.

A stable network connection is required to play.

* By installing this app, you grant permission to access your phone status, identity and system logs.

APK: ヒーローズオブアトラン, HeroesOfAtlan

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