Marti वोंग के पास 7 साल के लिए LF2 के निर्माता, द्वारा विकसित एक beat'em खेल।


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14 नव॰ 2015
इंस्टॉल की संख्या

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Hero Fighter X GAME

Hero Fighter is a fighting beat 'em up game created and developed by Marti Wong, the creator of Little Fighter, for nearly 7 years.

There are 22 hero characters with tonnes of powerful moves.

Hero Fighter provides 300+ stages in 7 game modes:
- Story Mode: Play with different characters of your choice against enemies and fight to watch their stories unfold.
- Duel Mode: 1 on 1 Match.
- Team VS Mode: Group-vs-group fighting
- Battle Mode: Fight up to 100 men in a battlefield with mercenaries, gold mines, soldier camps and castles.
- Tournament: Defeat your enemies each round as they challenge you one by one.
- Mission Mode: Survive the relentless waves of attacks from the enemy / bosses.
- Training Mode: Receive special cards and earn extra experience points.
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