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नवीनतम संस्करण

नामL Speed APK
संस्करण2.5.1.5 (396)
अपडेट करने की तारीख09 सित॰ 2021
इंस्टॉल की संख्याN/A
श्रेणीऐप्स, टूल

L Speed ऐप्लिकेशन

Tons of extra options for your rooted device

L Speed is a set of tools and specific settings brought together in a single app with the goal of improving your Android's overall performance. That said, to use the app properly your device has to be rooted. Otherwise, you can only access the app's most basic features.

The number of settings offered by L Speed can be a bit overwhelming. For this reason, the developer recommends the following setup:

RAM Manager - Balanced
Kernel Tweaks - Light
Battery Improvement - On
Improve Scrolling - On
Disable Debugging - On
Disable Kernel Panic - On
Clean on Boot - On
IO Boost - On
SD Tweak - On

Although these are the recommended options, you're obviously free to activate and deactivate whatever settings you want. The good thing is that if you think your device is actually running worse, all you have to do is revert to the default device configuration (in the top right corner).

L Speed is an app that, unlike many others, offers some tangible performance improvements. Of course, you need to have root permissions. If you have any trouble rooting your device, remember you can always download Kingo Root, King Root, or other similar apps from Uptodown.
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