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2 मई 2020
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osudroid GAME

A voice game. I heard that platelets are very popular recently. Seeing the same name of platelets, Qu immediately downloaded a wave. The result is not so pleasant and disappointing. It's very good to swim by hand, but it's still a bit troublesome to play. You need to download two packages, one is the game, the other is the map library (song library). The song library has been updated all the time. Which song do you like to download directly. This game can be connected to the Internet. There are things like leaderboards, but my account has not been registered well, so I can only be a single player.

OSU! Droid game features:

1, OSU! Mobile version, or a similar way of playing, online music library;

2. Second dimensional interface style, music library update at any time, if you can register, you can see a variety of ranking list, not registered can also play alone;

3. The operation mode is similar to the PC version, which follows the figure on the top of the screen to touch or slide.
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