Raziko is the player for listening Japanese IP Simulcast Radio broadcasting


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17 फ़र॰ 2021
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Raziko is the player for listening Japanese IP Simulcast Radio broadcasting.Raziko requires installation of radiko for Android application. If you can only listen NHK stations, please check whether you have a space on SD card for writing.NHK Rajiru is not accessible from out of Japan.If you have a problem for listening or recording program in background, disable task management tools.Number of recordable program is limited to just one.
If you want to remove this limitation or hide advertisement, please purchase "Raziko Extension".When you have a sound discontinued problem because of radiko.jp service, please use a longer buffering time. You may encounter a sound discontinued problem when many users access to Radiko.jpservice.If there are any syntax problem for EPG information from radiko.jp service, raziko can not show up EPG.If EPG shows wrong time slot, please check timezone for date setting.Advertisement will be shown without installation of Raziko Extensions.If you mount the external storage on PC with USB connection, recording will be stopped.
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