Highly sophisticated real-time multi device locator.


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2 मार्च 2018
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Tracker - Devices locator APP

Tracker allows you to locate any device in real-time.
Once you install it on another device and pair it by using an unique one-shot code, you can track it down for ever.
You can also choose to hide the app icon if needed.

Passively track all your added devices with only a swipe down.

Pairing approach is for your own privacy and ensures you and only you can receive location datas.
We can't access any of your informations.
Tracker doesn't need any registration or account.

Free version is ads based and lets you track up to one device for ever.
With a single IAP Pro license you can remove all ads and you can track unlimited devices for ever.

Tracker uses Location permission only if you decide to be tracked.
Tracker uses External storage permission only if you decide to use the backup feature.
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