Speak in Hindi and get automatic text typed in Hindi.


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Nov 8, 2022
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Hindi Speech To Text APP

You now don't need Hindi keyboards to type in Hindi. Just use this application, speak in Hindi and get your Hindi text automatically typed. A very easy and simple application but very useful. The app will capture your voice and convert it to Hindi Text.

App features :
- Speech to text service used to get Hindi typed automatically on speaking Hindi sentences.
- Press mic button and speak in Hindi to get Hindi text typed automatically.
- You can use these Hindi text to share using different application as text message, use it to chat on chatting application.
- You can copy the text and use it anywhere you like.
- You can use it in many ways like you can tweet in Hindi, draft a text message in Hindi, send message on social websites in Hindi, learn how to write Hindi and many more ways.

- Learning Module:
-> Easy to learn alphabets, vowels, words and sentences.
-> Get correct pronunciation of word using speak function.

- All Language Translator:
-> Speak to input text in multiple languages.
-> Easily copy, share, delete sentences and words.
-> Save data manually.
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