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Hippo's tales: Snow Queen


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NameSnow Queen APK
Version1.2.3 (23)
UpdatedSep 08, 2021
DeveloperHippo Kids Games
CategoryGames, Role Playing

Hippo's tales: Snow Queen Game

Snow queen and adventures in the frozen castle. Educational games for kids

Hippo and Snow Queen is a new family fairy tale and kids game for boys and girls! It has exciting stories with adventures, puzzles, magic and unbelievable mysteries. Except of that, you could be a main character of our story. Interactive game about Snow Queen is much more better than other kids games. We are going not only to listen to the exciting story, but also to make interesting tasks and play funny kids games. Let's go! An adventure in the frozen castle, where Snow Queen lives, is waiting for us!

Everything started at the moment, when kids went skiing. They were so happy and had so much fun that an ice princess have heard them. The moment, Hippo lost her attention, Snow Queen stole all her friends and a small brother Ji! Now our way goes through a big frozen ice castle, where there are a lot of difficulties and complicated trials. It means, that unbelievable adventures, magic, mystery, exciting kids games and interesting tasks are waiting for us. Ice princess has prepared them especially for us. Go through snowy labyrinths! Solve magical puzzles and riddles, make interesting tasks and complete different levels! Go through the frozen castle and get to the bedroom of Snow Queen. Get her wand and unspell friends. But it is not the end! At the end of this dangerous and exciting adventure we are going to make a beautiful manicure for the hostess of the ice frozen castle! Even such an ice heart of Snow Queen could be melted with such a professional manicure. This adventure is going to have a happy ending. Everybody will go back to the native town to go skiing, but this time with a good ice princess. 

Look for your own unbelievable adventures in the new interactive family fairytale! Ice castle of Snow Queen is waiting for its brave heroes. Have a lot of positive emotions and spend useful time. Stay tuned and stay with us. Our educational kids games for boys and girls will make you happy!

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